Saint Vivant Armagnac
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Saint Vivant Armagnac


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Category Armagnac
Origin France, Armagnac
Brand Saint Vivant
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
A smooth, high quality brandy. Made in France, it has a full flavor and a rich tradition that dates back to 1559 when St. Vivant de la Salle produced the first bottle of Armagnac Brandy. The famous "crooked bottle" recalls the original bottles used by St. Vivant. Today, St. Vivant still uses select white wine grapes, native to the southwestern French region of Gascony. These grapes are fermented and distilled in a traditional copper pot still. The resulting spirits are aged in oak casks until they are transformed into a full-flavored 80 proof brandy. The St. Vivant cellar master then begins his delicate task of blending the brandy until he achieves the St. Vivant Armagnac's smooth, consistent flavor and golden amber color.

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